Mortadella Favola Gran Riserva

Limited production
FAVOLA GRAN RISERVA has turned 20 and its unique and unmistakable recipe is still a secret well kept by Palmieri.
The first mortadella in the world to be cooked in its natural rind and hand stitched, this will always be the one and only, original mortadella;
the one branded “FAVOLA GRAN RISERVA”

Favola Gran Riserva is the mortadella par excellence which Salumificio Palmieri has developed using a special process to provide lovers of good mortadella with a particularly gratifying experience. Unmistakable in its natural hand-stitched rind casing and fire branded, delicate and digestible, Favola Gran Riserva stands out in terms of the top-quality meats used to make it, the thin rind and the presence of sweet Cervia Salt.

Only Favola Gran Riserva uses the shoulder of "heavy" Italian pigs in the mixture – truly excellent pork meat from pig farms belonging to the Parma and San Daniele DOP circuit.

Only Favola Gran Riserva uses selected thin rinds: a solution that permits longer and more delicate cooking (in stone ovens) than is the case of traditional mortadellas, and obtaining the typical fragrance of an oven-baked product.

Only Favola Gran Riserva uses Cervia Salt, the sweetness of which combined with acacia honey and natural flavourings, makes it particularly fragrant. Favola Gran Riserva is made to satisfy discerning gourmets: it is gluten free and is listed in the Handbook of the Italian Celiac Association. It is made from Italian meats only, without milk proteins, glutamate and added polyphosphates, GMOs and lactose.

mortadella favola digeribile
mortadella favola senza glutine
Favola, because it is unique and inimitable
Gran Riserva, because of its limited production