The history of Mortadella Favola

The Pride of Palmieri

Once upon a time… in Concordia in the lower Modena plain, there was a small Sausage factory where Carlo Palmieri (in the photo) started making his first mortadellas.

The year was 1961 and already at that time Carlo was using the meat of his pigs to make cold cuts.

Today they call it "production chain control", but for Carlo, it was the desire to make a unique and wholesome product, starting with the quality of the raw material.

In just a short time, work increased and the premises were no longer big enough. Hence, in the late-Seventies, the company moved to San Prospero, where Carlo, together with his children, laid the foundations for the current production facility, rebuilt with all modern features after the tragic earthquake of 2012.

The years passed and, in 1997, Carlo had the idea of using the rind as a casing for stuffing and cooking his mortadellas; hence he created a number of purposely stitched bags which he filled with top-quality mixture. After cooking (in stone ovens, still in use) came the moment of tasting and someone exclaimed: "but this Mortadella is fantastic (una favola)!” and Massimo, his second-born, seized the opportunity to call the mortadella by that name.

Today, twenty years later, Favola is synonymous with quality and excellence among Italian cold cuts.

Once upon a time… and still today, there is a Favola mortadella worthy of a king!